20 правил: как нужно и нельзя делать призыв к действию

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Отличная презентация с демонстрацией правильных и неправильных призывов к действию на кнопках продающих веб-сайтов от HubSpot (Английский язык, словарь поможет оценить силу этих сугубо практичных советов):

Текст слайдов:

1. CriticalDo’s & Don’tsfor Clickable Calls-to-Action.

2. For more CTA tips, download: 101 Examples of Effective Calls-to-ActionDownload your free copy:http://bit.ly/101-cta

3. #1DON’T use the word “Submit”on your form buttons. SUBMIT

4. #1 DO use valuable and actionable copy. Download Whitepaper

5. #2DON’T hide your calls-to-actionwhere no one can see them.

6. #2 DO place your CTAs above the fold and within the visitor’s “eye path.”

7. #3 DON’T use the same or similar colors in your CTAs as the page’s background color.

8. #3 DO use bold, contrasting colors.

9. #4 DON’T use teeny, tiny CTAs that no one will notice. Click Me, Down Here

10. #4 DO make them big and bold so they stand out. Download Now

11. #5 DON’T make CTAs look flat. Hey, am I a button?

12. #5 DO make them look “clickable” and button-like by adding bevels, shadows, and hover effects.

13. #6 DON’T use a CTA in the wrong place at the wrong time.

14. #6 DO use CTAs that align with the buyer’s interests and needs. Download the Guide to Blogging

15. #7DON’T be toowordy.

16. #7 DO make sure CTAs are clear, simple, and uncluttered.

17. #8DON’T use vague, cliché, orpassive language.

18. #8 DO use compelling and actionable copy that conveys the value being offered. Thousands of Businesses Use Our Software for Marketing TRY HUBSPOT FOR FREE. GET STARTED WITH A TRIAL

19. #9 DON’T oversell and under- deliver. BEST PRODUCT EVER Buy Now

20. #9 DO set the right expectations about what visitors will receive.

21. #10 DON’T link your CTAs to your homepage.

22. #10 DO direct each CTA to its own dedicated landing page that restates the offer and copy from the CTA.

23. #11 DON’T use too many CTAs on one page.

24. #11 DO use only one primary and one secondary CTA.

25. #12 DON’T forget to build trust through design and copy.

26. #12 DO use data or testimonials to validate your proposition.

27. #13 DON’T miss opportunities to promote your CTAs.

28. #13DO use CTAs in everything youdo – email, blogging, socialmedia, and thank-you pages. Join our community. Download VIVO

29. #14 DON’T use the same CTAs for too long. Get Our Free Guide to Y2K!

30. #14 DO experiment with and A/B test your CTAs to know what design, copy, and placement works best. VERSION A VERSION B Free Trial. No Get Your 30 Free commitment! Trial 15% CTR 18% CTR WINNER!

31. #15 DON’T forgot to search engine optimize your CTAs.

32. #15 DO add keyword-rich ALT tags so your CTA adds search value to the page. 

33. #16 DON’T use Flash or complicated animations.

34. #16 DO use CTAs that are mobile- optimized so any device can see them.

35. #17 DON’T use branding as the only objective of your CTA.

36. #17 DO offer something of value.

37. #18 DON’T use the same CTA for everyone. Home Home Improvement Improvement Tips Tips

38. #18 DO use personalization and dynamic content – because everyone is different. Home 50% Salon Improvement Coupon! Tips

39. #19 DON’T cram CTAs into little spaces.

40. #19DO give themroom to breathe CONTENT CTAby utilizingwhite space. CONTENT

41. #20 DON’T obsess over a pixel- perfect design. Great design, but what is this for?

42. #20 DO master the copy – that’s what really gets visitors to take action.

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